Friday, 19 June 2015

DIY Party Decor - Baby Blocks Free printable download and how to make details - Cute Baby Shower Idea

These oh so cute baby blocks are a fun party decor idea or party favour box for your friends baby shower.

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For the Free 3 page PDF download, each A4 page fits two 40x40mm block templates
Use one colour option or all three.

What You will Need:
1. Home Printer
2. A4 Paper or Card
3. Scissors
4. Bone Folding Tool 
5. Double sided tape or glue
(I prefer double sided tape)

Follow this easy step by step guide to make your free party decor

1. Print preferred pages onto A4 paper or card and cut around edge.

2. Score the cutout template on the dotted lines with bone folding tool then fold to make block.

3. Apply glue or double sided tape to side tab near "Y" as seen in pic 3 and line edge up.

4. Fold top and bottom panels in, you can use glue or double sided tape on the tabs to secure the block.

And there you have a cute block to decorate your baby shower party table or use as a party favour box.

You can also purchase matching DIY printable decor or invitation at my Etsy Store.

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