Monday, 23 March 2015

Free Printable - Colour and craft Easter Basket

I am still struck with Easter fever and created a fun easy to make Easter Basket. It is a colouring file so I could try out my new Copic Markers, as you can see I still need a bit of practice with them but enjoyed colouring regardless. 

Follow the link below to download your free printable colour and craft Easter Basket.


1. Home printer or local print shop
2. A4 sheet of card preferably
3. Scissors
4. Colouring crayons, pencils, etc.
5. Glue or double sided tape.
6. Bone folder tool but you can use the rounded back of a butter knife if you don't have one.


1. Print the page and colour in.
2. Cut around the outline, being careful not to cut off the tabs.

3. Use bone folder or butter knife to score the base folds and the tab folds.
4. Lightly fold basket. 

5. Put glue or double sided tape onto the tabs.

6. Bring sides together lining up the edges.

7. There you go the base of the basket is complete, now for the handle. 

8. Put glue on one side of the handle.

9. Lie the basket on it's side then attach the handle to the top centre of the large Easter egg.

10. Now glue the other edge of the handle and attach to the other side of the basket.
11. Done your Easter basket is complete. 

Hope you enjoy creating this fun Easter project!

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